Bridging Loans

At Intelligent Loans we aim to provide the best and most flexible service possible, placing great emphasis on being fair, open and honest in all of our dealings. If you're looking for property finance, here are just some of the reasons why Intelligent Loans should be top of your list:

  • Large loans - Ranging from £25,000 to £10m (up to £15m for experienced property developers/investors)
  • Ease - Our full spectrum of property loans mean there is no need to look elsewhere
  • Speedy decisions - same day decisions on loans
  • Low rates - With rates as low as 0.55% per month (6.6% per annum), with the option to roll up part of the interest to improve cash flow, we can offer property finance at the same level as a traditional high street lender

Uses Include:

Short term capital raising - Borrow against one or more residential investment properties and use funds for any legal purpose e.g.:

  • Property renovation
  • Child education bills
  • Car purchase
  • Deposit for another property
  • VAT payment

Speedy residential purchase under distress - Take advantage of a speedy residential purchase at a discount, and then refinance the loan over the coming months.

Broken residential chain - Use the Bridging loan taken out against an existing property (as long as it is not the borrowers home) to allow the borrower to complete on the purchase of a new home when the buyer of the existing property pulls out.

Mortgage offer pulled - Secured against a new property where a mortgage offer has been pulled so as to complete the purchase providing several months to find and secure a long-term mortgage.

Property improvement - Property investors often wish to renovate a property in a few months and subsequently sell. A bridge can often prove to be the perfect vehicle for this short-term capital requirement.

Buying at auction - Giving you the ability to place the 10% deposit and settle in full within 14-28 days (at risk of losing the deposit if you don't complete) where traditional lenders are unable to complete in the timeframe and refinance over the coming months.

Pre-approval: DrawDown Facility - A pre-arranged, pre-approved limit that can be drawn down against a property at a moments notice allowing you to make the most of being able to move fast.